Samsung CFG70 Curved Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming there are a few aspects of the screen I focus on, response rate and refresh rate of the screen. The resolution, aka amount of dots on the screen is also important but less so when I am judging screens.

The response rate for fast action games is always best as low as possible! This monitor has an amazing refresh rate of only 1ms! This means when moving at high speeds there is not ghosting of the image as it flashes across the screen!

Secondly the refresh rate is important for smoothing out the action, and is as important or more important than the refresh rate. This screen sports a 144hz refresh which is just amazing for fast paced action!

Lastly the resolution. Ok, we have 4k and even up scaled 8k screens at the time of this post, but there is a huge issue with those resolutions.... Video game content is very hard to render smoothly at the proper resolution without building a monster computer! I still prefer to keep a standard 1080p resolution for gaming until our graphics cards are up to the task of running titles smoothly at the higher resolutions. Another item of note is that Windows 10 is still horrible at rendering windows with proper DPI scaling, so that is another mark against the higher resolution screens. In any case this wonderful monitor is 1080p, which is exactly what I wanted! Last but not least, taking advantage of higher refresh rates and having a smooth image is more important than more dots!

P.S. This is a quantum dot display. To simplify it has an extra layer in the LCD panel that allows this monitor, while not a perfect black, to achieve a much darker black than a standard gaming lcd.