Best belt ever!!!!!! - Best of all one size fits all?!

Belt sizing is not an issue anymore! I was so pleasantly surprised when i got a belt that was 47" long, and I could cut it down to the perfect size within a minute! This alleviates the issue of having to ship a product back that doesn't quite fit right. These are easily sized, just make sure to not make it too small. I took off a few inches at a time after i got it close to where I wanted it =)

The buckle is amazingly clean and straightforward. I am hoping to have one belt that fits my wardrobe and SlideBelt's clean design is perfect for the job! =)

I also really like the new concept for belts that do not have belt holes! I appreciate the ratchet system on the back side of the belt as it makes the look very crisp without all the traditional belt holes. I have worn these belts in the past, and they do fit much more accurately and comfortably with the ratchet system. 

I also own their survival belt and wore it for months before purchasing and trying the leather belt above. The survival belt is not only a belt, but a useful device in the wilderness. The survival version includes a small led flash light, a fire starter, and a small blade concealed in the belt buckle. Fishing and forgot to bring a knife, No problem! Need light camping out in the woods, No problem! I have to say I have enjoyed owning this belt for camping trips =) Unfortunetly, they do not sell this product on Amazon at the time of this post, I hope that becomes an option in the future. For now here is the direct link to SlideBelt's website.

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