LG Gram Ultra-Book

This is the best work laptop out there, well assuming you really are not looking for a 2in1 type system.

This laptop is rugged to the point I have watched videos on YouTube where the person is chucking it down concrete stairs, and yes it did survive albeit with a few nicks here and there ;) The real secret to speed with modern computers is the ability for the system to retrieve information from the disk as fast as possible when it is needed. If you have ever seen a computer boot in under 60 seconds, it is most likely running something similar to what this laptop is sporting, a ssd (Solid State Drive). The other major boon from this technology is the resiliency of ssd drives over the classic hard disk drives, hdd. A ssd doesn't have moving parts which makes this a great portable machine. It is also worth noting that the classic hdd is what normally fails on a laptop before any other component!

The only downsides to this machine are the camera angle, which looks up at you from the bottom of the screen. This is still sufficient for work purposes, and given that  I rarely make video calls I didn't fret over this detail. The other is that the audio on the laptop isn't the greatest, but what laptop ever had great audio?! To make up for this last downside the audio processor included is a good one, making it worthwhile to get a good pair of headphones for this laptop!

Advanced: I am able to run virtual machines using Oracle VM VirtualBox and it is super fast! Now, with loading up virtual machines, it is also important to note that the storage is a standard m.2 slot and the storage is replaceable/upgrade-able! There is also one ram slot for upgrading, although half the ram is soldered on the other side of the board. The ports on the side are also replaceable without too much headache, as well as the battery. They didn't use a lot of glue which makes this laptop a breeze to work on!