Bem EXO900 Lantern Light with Bluetooth Speaker

A suitable light source, that doubles as a LOUD speaker to jam out to! Whether you’re in your garage late at night working on cars or camping out in the woods, you have a reliable light source that also has a loud speaker that will entertain you and your friends and family while you enjoy the outdoors. It is reasonably priced for a bluetooth speaker that puts out sound and light, with a long lasting battery to make this an enjoyable piece of tech to have!

Milwaukee Electric 3/8 inch Drive Ratchet

This is one of the best tools you have in your tool arsenal nowadays! Slap on an extension (or not), and you can literally take off any bolt, nut or screw with ease! Without using the motor, you can also break nuts/bolts loose and then with a press of the motor button, you can take numerous bolts off in seconds! Because it has a lithium ion battery, you can expect this tool to last long periods of time between use, and it is a reliable tool to have with your toolkits!