The following are hardware recommendations for both home and small business users for their networking infrastructure.

As always with my recommendations these are products I have tested myself and would purchase these products again!

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Anker has been selling some great products directly through Amazon, and such that they seem to pass those savings on to the end user.

Do you run out of battery on your cell phones half way through the day?

Did Pokemon Go drain your battery and now you can't get you shopping list?

If you need an extra boost or two, this is a great product to supplement your smartphone's power with!

Bluetooth speakers...

Preface: Ok so I actually bought one before this one, and let us just say that I don't want to talk about that product and legitimize their brand in any way.

This Anker product just blow the other speaker I had purchased out of the water!

  • Bluetooth easy to pair with phones using the dedicated Bluetooth button on the device
  • The playback time is amazing, although I haven't timed it, I have used it through an entire day before, your use may vary depending. It does work while charging!
  • Sound Quality: I have to say for such a small speaker the sound quality is pretty excellent. I love using this while camping, at the pool, or at the beach!

Great tripod for GoPro Cameras. The flexible feet can wrap around almost anything to secure the camera on railings, walls, etc.

Perfect for local backups of your important data. NanoTech suggests using for local backups as well as cloud backups. Local backups are free with

By Neal Stephenson