Wifi - The problem is postion and hardware!

The problem with Wifi in most homes is the location of the access point. For example most internet providers bring the internet into the home in one of the corners of the home, unfortunately never the center of the home. The main reason for this is due to the complexity of running wires in an existing dwelling. This device does require ONE cable that both supplies power and data to the device. This device is easily attached to a ceiling or wall, and the LED light can turn off completely.

Usage testing: I have had this device installed for a few days now. So far testing has shown that the one wifi broadcast works well to allow more advanced devices to take advantage of the 5ghz frequency automatically! This means that now my Chromecast, Phones, Laptop, and my wife's NUC all have close to 400Mbps wireless connections throughout the house. The other side benefit from using a different frequency than most is the lack of interference on those channels. The 5Ghz frequency really does a great job of getting the video content to the TV in a timely manor. For those with older devices, it still works like a charm using the slower but longer reaching 2.4Ghz channel.

This is an ongoing test of this product, paired with a long range outdoor version for use near the pool. I will have a review of that unit once the weather warms up a little and I need wifi at the pool for tunes =)