Zolo Liberty Total-Wireless Earphones

Introducing Zolo Liberty Total- Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earbuds. These little gems have drivers made from Graphene which enhances the sound therefore delivering exceptional audio quality. Zolos come with their very own charging/carry case and it doubles as the charger! They are sweat resistant and designed with GripFit Technology which we can attest to from our trials with this product! Just place earbud in ear then twist the bud for a perfect fit. We use Zolos every day for our intense workouts and they never fall out!! Even while performing torturous burpees, sprinting that final quarter mile or performing any kind of Yoga move... they just simply, magically stay in. We purchased our Zolos about a year and a half ago and the quality, and fit is still just as great as when we first tried them. Click on the link down below to find out more about these gems and where you can purchase your set of Zolos!!