Welcome to Information Overload


I have never tried to put my thoughts into words, but I have been experimenting with some various technology and cooking gadgets that some of my clients are enthusiastic to hear about! Given the interest in my experiments and the fact I only see a handful of people a day, I thought it was time to put some of this down on paper so to speak!

What are we going to discuss?

Mostly I plan on focusing on my current efforts with gourmet cooking, technology products for home/business, and various experiments with IoT (Internet of Things, ie. Google's Nest - Home Thermostat) devices as they are becoming more prevalent and cheaper the more technology is shrinking.

I say "we" in hopes that the comment section can stay open with minimal work to keep trolls from just trying to stir the pot. I look forward to fruitful comments and maybe we can have a discussion about my ramblings on this site. With good discussion sometimes you can expand your horizons even more!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you like the content that I publish! I am not positive on how often I am going to publish articles at this time, but when I figure that out I will let you know!