Anker USB charger - Charge those devices!

Charging devices in this age is a complicated matter. The problem is that all our devices require different levels of power transmitted across cabling that if made poorly can damage your devices!

The good news is there are some companies with very affordable prices of products that will satisfy the most power hungry devices, and without cheating on the build quality at the same time!

This charger (depicted right) is capable of charging multiple devices from a cell phone all the way up to a USB-C laptop such as a Chromebook pixel. It is always advisable to use the cable that came with your phone, but it is safe to order Anker or Amazon Basic cables for replacements. Those cables are safe to use and won't break the bank or your device!

I have tested the previous model of this charger and I never had any problems with it. I have just recently upgraded to this new model and it is performing as expected, great! If you are in need of more charging in your home, or a central place to charge all your devices without filling up wall outlets, this is the device to purchase!