Where is your private data?

Today we use many online services to hold and control our data. The big question: is it really secure when it is not in our control? Do we trust that companies are encrypting and protecting our data properly? Should 3rd party companies have the key to your storage?

How much again?

The other major problem is that everyone wants to give us one part of the solution and charge us monthly or yearly. These charges quickly add up and keep coming! We need to control our data and find a product which gives us all the services we need while avoiding the monthly fees, luckily there is a product out there with a bit of up front investment. Just remember we are looking to add more utility for less money over time here!

What if we could control our data?

Controlling our information is crucial for customer satisfaction as well as peace of mind that we know where our "stuff" is. It is also vital to have the ability to share private files with your customers using encryption with optional password protection. In the past this was a complex and hard to use solution, but that is simply not the case moving forward! With advances in network attached storage devices, the answers to all our questions is here. Meet Synology:

Storage, Backup, Virtual Private Network, File sharing, Security Cameras and iSCSI

Storage, Backup, Virtual Private Network, File sharing, Security Cameras and iSCSI

What does this do?

Synology can store and backup all your files! Well it is a storage device, but it is also so much more than that!

  • Cloud solutions - Build your own File sharing cloud sync service (ie DropBox, Google Drive). All your data stays within your environment, either your Synology or your laptop/desktop computer.
  • Expandable - Easy expansion by swapping hard drives or adding expansion units or purchasing larger versions of the hardware. This unit tops out at 90TB
  • Speed - Performance over 450.77 MB/s reading and 396.5 MB/s writing
  • Encryption - Files and Folders are encrypted on the FLY, while still delivering hard drive speeds of a read speed of 448.71 MB/s and 191.12 MB/s writing
  • Quad LAN ports - Link aggregation improves connection speeds beyond a traditional server running on one network card!
  • iSCSI - Need to run a server, you have the storage capacity! With iSCSI connections your virtual servers will get the redundancy of the Synology RAID solution and keep data centrally located to simplify backups. Remember: When buying server hardware, there is no need for large noisy boxes, solid state is here to stay.

Solid State Computing?

Now that all the storage is off-loaded on the Synology product, all that is required is processing power and memory! The best part of this solution is that we can stack, mount, or hide these small boxes easily, and they are fast as well as silent!


Hypervisor technology has been kicking around for a long time, but we feel that it is time for mainstream! The average computer server just sits there and idles. What if you could leverage that unused potential to run more than one server on top of one physical device? By sharing resources with other guest Operating Systems, now that server computer can run at its full potential doing the work you paid it to do! No more messy office setups and down time due to hardware failure, only change the working environment for improvements to office architecture. The best part is when your server hardware has a problem, it is now a modular part that simply is swapped out!

So what is the point?

This all culminates into one powerful server solution that is expandable, upgrade-able, modular, and gives you control of your data! The best part is that you don't have all those small costs to maintain across multiple service providers, NanoTech can maintain your digital life.

Whats next?

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